A rangefinder is a necessary item for serious golfers. We evaluated hundreds of golf rangefinders on value, features, warranty, and user experience to guide you in selecting the best rangefinder for your game. Below are the three top rangefinders that will allow you to bring your game to the next level.

Top Rated Rangefinders

Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT

Callaway 300 Pro Golf
Callaway Tour S
1. Bushnell Tour V4 JOLTBest OverallView on Amazon ➡️
2. Callaway 300 Pro GolfBest ValueView on Amazon ➡️
3. Callaway Tour SBest AdvancedView on Amazon ➡️

What Makes a Golf Rangefinder Legal?

If you are wondering if you are allowed to use a rangefinder for a golf tournament, there are some rules that you need to know.

USGA rule 14/3b prohibits a player from using any artificial device or unusual equipment for the purpose of gauging or measuring distance (rangefinders) or conditions that might affect play.

However, as rangefinders gained popularity, the USGA and R&A decided to allow tournament committees to have the option of adding a local rule that allows “distance-measuring devices.” So in most tournaments, distance-measuring rangefinders are allowed.

More advanced features such as slope (vertical distance) or wind speed measurements must be turned off for tournament play. Turn off these features to make your range finder legal. If the rangefinder does not have the option of turning off those features, then your rangefinder is not legal.

1. Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT

The V4 Bushnell Tour JOLT is a next evolution of rangefinder with jolt technology. The Bushnell Tour V4 jolt technology provides you with short vibrating bursts to reinforce the laser is locked onto the flag. The Tour V4 is legal for tournament play and provides ranges from 5 to 1,000 yards with one yard accuracy. It provides yardages to flags from as far as 400 yards out. The Tour V4 is perfect for golfers of all abilities. A carry case and battery are included.

Range to a Flag400 yards
Warranty2 years
Legal for Tournament Play✅ 

2. Callaway 300 Pro Golf

The Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder offers pin-seeking precision with slope in a sleek, sophisticated design at an affordable price point. The unique Pin Acquisition Technology (P.A.T.) lets you lock onto the pin from up to 300 yards away, ensuring accuracy even when trees and other objects are in the background. Their “Birdie” feature delivers audible ‘chirp’ to confirm distance acquisition to flagstick. The slope function can be turned off with the click of a button, which makes the Callaway 300 Pro legal for tournament play.

Range to a Flag300 yards
Warranty2 years
Legal for Tournament Play✅ 

3. Callaway Tour S

The Callaway Tour-S Laser Rangefinder is the top of the line. This rangefinder utilizes Callaway’s most advanced laser technology in one device. Featuring P.A.T., Slope Technology, and Prism Mode, this simple golf device is capable of acquiring multiple target distances with precise measurements. Prism Mode locks on to flag mounted reflectors for exact distances, while the Laser Mode scans the landscape to acquire multiple targets. Plus, the Callaway Tour-S features a slope enable switch making it legal for tournament use.

Range to a Flag400 yards
Warranty2 years
Legal for Tournament Play✅