We reviewed the best waterskis for children and teens ages 6 to 14. The waterskis can function as both beginner and advanced skis due to their removable stabilizers and one-ski capabilities. These waterskis for children and teens feature adjustable bindings, a wider platform for easier balance, and removable stabilizer bars. The stabilizer bars acts like training wheels on a bicycle and makes rope positioning much easier while doing a deep water start. Once up, the stabilizers make the first ski much easier by limiting crossed tips and spreading stances. Once getting up is mastered, remove the stabilizer for an authentic ski. These skis also offer a secondary foot positioning on one ski so that they function for one-skiing as well. Take a look at the below skis to have your child or teen waterskiing in no time!

1. O’Brien Jr. Vortex Combo Waterskis

A great choice for the junior skier, the Jr. Vortex is designed with an extra wide forebody and a parabolic shape for easy deep water starts. The stabilizer bar makes it easier for beginners get up and can easily be removed once they’re more confident on the water. Jr. Vortex skis are designed with plastic fins. These skis are perfect for getting pre-teen to early teenage skiers up and out of the water and skiing like legends!

Support145 pounds
Bindings SizeKids 2-Mens 7

2. Connelly Supersport Combo Waterskis

Smaller, lighter skiers will gain confidence and enjoy the ride more on properly sized gear like these great skids. The SuperSport features a shaped ski concept with wide tip and tail making deep water starts easier. Beginners can also use the included front stabilizer bar to keep the skis in line and the proper distance apart. Remove the bar once they learn the basics to utilize the full performance of the skis.

Support135 pounds
Bindings Size4-9